Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day


I am so blessed to have such a great best friend, who organized a birthday party for me on Friday. Unfortunately, Friday was supposed to be my running night, but alas it was postponed.  I was supposed to go on Saturday instead, but then I got sick, and so it is Sunday, and I have not run since Wednesday.  On Saturday, we drove over to the next big town so I could spend my birthday money. I bought a new running shirt (now I have two), a cap for the sun (being outside in the sun gives me a migraine), I also purchased a couple of sports bras, since all I own are nursing bras, LOL. I was supposed to go run after we got home, but, as I said, began to be really sick. But I am feeling better today, since starting antibiotics, and so I am back on schedule.

However, as I said, it was my birthday, and though I ate a light, healthy dinner beforehand, I am certain I overdid it on the junk food on my party, and the rest of the weekend wasn't much better.

And so, today I start over, right now. I cannot go run, but I have already put my running days on the calendar. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, for about 30 minutes, I have me time. Time for me, to run/walk while I think listen to my music and just have a break.

My first 5K is June 18th in Hereford, Texas. I am both excited and nervous. As I said before, my sister and my mom are going to participate as well, and my sister in law is planning on walking too (although she will be 8 months pregnant by then).  In talking to my mom, we discussed how we would like to create family traditions of fitness and outdoor recreation, instead of the current tradition of binge eating, holiday laziness, and lifelong obesity. What a legacy to leave my children: full, active, healthy lives.

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  1. How exciting, that you have your first 5k scheduled!! I am glad that you are feeling better! Good luck with training!