Thursday, May 5, 2011


"Here we go again"

How many of you thought I was too chipper, or would have a bad day soon? You are correct! Today is Frustrated Day (and Cinco De Mayo, although that's not related).
I think part of the problem is that this has been a busy, busy week, and I am frankly exhausted. Tomorrow is my birthday, and my friend is throwing a birthday party for me at my house, so I have been cleaning in preparation for that. Plus, the strain of being a stay at home mom to four kids under the age of five, and homeschooling the oldest one, with an almost three month old as well. Yes, I have many reasons to be tired. We have been refinishing our kitchen (refinished counters, painted cabinets, wall, trim, new appliances) and just finished yesterday. It's enough to exhaust anybody, I suppose.

But I think the biggest reason I am so frustrated is because a) I am really sore today, and I mean aching, run-over by a truck, sore. And b) because with all my hard work this week, I managed to gain two pounds. I am trying to console myself with thoughts that I have really pounded my body this week, and when you work muscles like that, you tear them, and that causes inflammation, which is water weight, etc. But still I am frustrated.  Grrr. Things like this make me want to give up, you know? I don't mind the pain if it's helping, but man, if I'm going to hurt and have to work hard, and STILL gain weight, I'd almost rather not do it, ya' know?

But, that would make everything I've done up to this point, a waste. It would leave this blog as a personal reminder that I just gave up, and proof that when push comes to shove, I quit. And so, I will soldier on, perhaps a bit depressed and down, but surely, if I continue on, things will improve, yes?

And in happier news, one of my sisters, H, and my mom are going to be running the 5K with me. :D

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