Thursday, July 7, 2011

Another Day

Man! I haven't exercised in quite a while, and today I sure made up for it. First, I took the four kids, and my 15 year old sister to the Clovis Hillcrest Zoo. It is the second largest zoo in New Mexico, right after the Albuquerque Zoo. I bought a season pass for my family, and we make a visit about every other week or so. 

So this morning we went to visit all the animals. At a slow walk, pushing a stroller, and leading three young children, it takes about an hour and a half to see everything. We walked the entire zoo. After that, I went to pick up my new glasses (hey, did you know street signs actually have words on them?) On our way home, we stopped by the City Park for a picnic. After eating, we climbed on the playground and swung on the swings, or as my 2 year calls them, "fwings!"

I was determined that tonight I would hit the park again, this time alone, and do my lap. Considering last time I was able to run about a song and a half at a steady pace (5 or 6 six minutes), I figured I could at least manage that again, then walk the rest. After a brisk walk to warm-up, and a good stretch, I started jogging. While I did find that I was able to run faster than I had before, I also was unable to run as long. This was very discouraging. I barely managed a minute and a half, before my knee was screaming, and I was breathing too hard.So, I scaled back. When I walk, my knees are fine. So I finished my 5K lap at a brisk walk. I figure, walking fast is better than walking slow right? I swung my arms, and walked as quickly as I could. I worked up a sweat and listened to my tunes.

The people at the park tonight were an interesting lot. I have never seen the "track" so packed. I call it a 'track" because it is basically a dirt and gravel path, nothing more. There were probably 50 people out tonight, more than I have ever seen. So yay for my town getting out and walking/running/jogging. I did have the pleasure of meeting a lovely grandma-age lady, out power walking with her beautiful red-long-haired dog Tansy.

And so, at least I finished it. And even though I hate it, I do not like running and I do not like sweating, at least it is free, right?

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