Monday, June 6, 2011

A Running Re-Start

Today I hit the track again. After not exercising for oh . . . well, yeah, a little too long. I had a horrid day, and felt like pounding the pavement, since it would not be kosher to pound what I really want to pound. ;)

So, I pulled on my workout clothes, put on socks and running shoes, and headed off, to the sound of Journey's "Don't Stop Believing!" I walked a good ten minutes, then stopped and stretched my leg muscles and back muscles, and all over. Then I started running. Instead of timing myself, I just listened to the music and sang along. I was surprised to find I was still running when the song ended, so continued during the second song. I think I ran for about 4 minutes or so, as I did not last too long through the second song. That is such an improvement for me, and was an instant mood-booster, which I desperately needed after the day I had.

All told, I walk/ran 3.72 miles today, and I did it in one hour. :D And I am in a better mood now, better than I have felt all day, laryngitis and all. :D

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