Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Screaming In An Empty Room

Some days I just feel like this:

Yeah, because that is how I feel today. This blog is not solely about weight loss, or getting physically healthy. It is about getting mentally and emotionally healthy too.

You know what? It is okay to be mad and frustrated and stressed and upset. And sometimes the only way to relieve to pressure is to blow off some steam. So if you feel you are about to explode, let it out! Scream if you have to, punch a pillow, write a nasty letter to whoever is bugging you. Then, breathe, smooth that pillow out again, and destroy the nasty letter. The point is not to hurt someone or something, the point is to release the pent-up tension before you blow your ever-loving mind. If you keep tucking things down inside you, if you keep stifling the stress and anger inside, and you never let it out in a controlled way, then the tension is going to mount and build, until it releases itself in a non-controlled way. Here's the thing, letting yourself scream for a moment, or choosing to punch a pillow, or write that letter, are all things that YOU choose to do. YOU are the boss of YOUR choices. When YOU choose to not take care of yourself, then you begin to lose that control. You begin to move into a place where the contained bad energy HAS to escape somehow, and it is not going to be controlled when you do it. This does NOT mean that you are excused from the consequences, or that you are not responsible for what may happen. You will be responsible for the outcome, because you chose not to deal with an issue until it was too late.

So when you feel the tension building, choose your vent. Do you want to go into the bathroom or bedroom or outside and yell it out? DO you want to go punch your pillow? Do you want to write a scathing note to that jerk of a boss who treats you like garbage? Once you decide what you want to do, THEN DO IT! I promise you will feel better. And when you feel better, you can tear up that mean note (you aren't really a mean person), you can smooth out your bed (see, the house already looks better) and you can breathe again, (ahhhh, Oxygen!)

Bye Bye!

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