Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Waking Up

Some people would say that weighing every day is a bad thing to do. But for me, I almost have to or need to do it first thing. I feel it is especially helpful to me right now, and so I weigh first thing in the morning. Now that I have kicked out that nasty, spiteful person from following me, the scale no longer taunts or upsets me. I have removed his power over my life, and that is a freeing thing. If I happen to be a little heavier, I know I can fix it, and on days like today, I get to celebrate. Because really, the person in charge of it all, is me.

And so this morning I celebrate another pound lost. Something really fun about math, is that it makes losing weight more fun. (Okay, that might be the only fun thing about math) ;) I started out needing to lose 100 lbs. I have now lost 34 lbs, which is 34% of my goal, and also just over a third of what I am going to lose. See how fun it can be? Using fractions and percentages, go me!

Today is shoe shopping day, and I am off to search this afternoon. This will be quite the endeavor, as I have large feet (Woman size 10 to 11), but I will triumph today!

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